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  • A Cure for Writer’s Block

    A Cure for Writer’s Block

    Ever get stuck writing a technical report or a presentation about a project? I’ve got a process that can help. It’s not the only way, but it’s my way. I’ll list, then elucidate. Here’s the list: And now the elucidating:

  • Why I Chose Danny

    Why I Chose Danny

    In early 1999, I was a vice president at Oracle, standing at the back of an auditorium in Caesars Palace, watching the keynote speaker I had invited to a conference I had created. The conference was an employee-only event that assembled a few hundred of the top technical folks from Oracle divisions all over the…

  • The What and the Why of Being the Lowly Scribe

    The What and the Why of Being the Lowly Scribe

    In last week’s article about what and why, I used “notes-taker for today’s meeting” as an example of an assignment that an ambitious professional might consider disappointing. But is notes-taker really a demeaning assignment? Let’s investigate. I’ve been through this personally. I can remember it feeling, on the spectrum from “reward” to “punishment,” like punishment.…

  • How I Spent My COVID Vacation

    How I Spent My COVID Vacation

    I haven’t blogged in, what, …forever. A couple of years. I have been writing, though. Just not here. A lot, actually. Here’s some of the stuff I’ve done during my lapse here: But the biggest reason of all: I’ve spent every spare moment outside of my work obligations since March 2020… …writing a new book. The…