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  • My “Museum-Quality Aviation Replicas” Hobby

    My “Museum-Quality Aviation Replicas” Hobby

    I started building plastic model airplanes when I was five years old. The first model I ever built was a little Ju-88 or something like it, that my Mom bought for me at the Foss Drug store in Golden, Colorado. I can remember cutting the parts off the sprues, probably with fingernail clippers, and glueing…

  • A Side Trip to Wonderhell

    A Side Trip to Wonderhell

    I should be jubilant. But I’m not. I’m habitually non-jubilant. I don’t know why. This weekend, I returned from the kind of a trip that I don’t take very often: an all-by-myself vacation. This year, I attended the IPMS/USA National Convention 2023 in sunny San Marcos, Texas. IPMS is the International Plastic Modelers’ Society. The…

  • Version 1 Is Never the Answer

    Version 1 Is Never the Answer

    I create for a living. I make presentations and software and books… Even my hobbies are creation hobbies. I make tools and furnishings and, these days, “museum quality aviation replicas.” Many of the things I’ve made have worked out really well, but one result I can count on: my version 1 of pretty much anything is rarely going…