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  • The Origins of Method R

    The Origins of Method R

    This thing called “Method R” is a method for optimizing the performance of a system. The reason Method R is special is that it is itself optimized—it is designed to keep you from wasting your time. This article is about where Method R came from. In the Beginning… In the 1990s, the world was a boomtown for Oracle.…

  • 25 Years, One Job

    25 Years, One Job

    A couple of weeks ago, I received an email prescribing that people should have a 25‑year plan. It caught my attention because I’ve learned many times, many ways, that a 5‑year plan—sometimes even a 1‑year plan—is just crazy talk. But as I considered the evidence more carefully, I realized: I have actually been working a…

  • Words I Don’t Use, Part 1: “Methodology”

    Words I Don’t Use, Part 1: “Methodology”

    Today, I will begin a brief sequence of blog posts that I’ll call “Words I Don’t Use.” I hope you’ll have some fun with it, and maybe find a thought or two worth considering. The first word I’ll discuss is methodology. Yes. I made a shirt about it. Approximately 100% of the time in the [mostly non-scientific]…