Hi, I’m Cary.

I help professionals think more clearly and communicate more effectively.

I joined Oracle Corporation in 1989 as a consultant. My job was to visit dozens of frustrated customers every year and leave them happy they had done business with Oracle.

I spent ten years at Oracle. While I was there, I defined the standard for how every Oracle database in the world was configured. I taught thousands of Oracle employees and customers in classrooms and conference halls around the world. I created an annual conference that assembled Oracle Consulting’s technical talent from around the world. By 1998, I was a vice president in charge of an amazing team of 100 people.

In 1999, I left Oracle to become an entrepreneur.

In that time, I’ve continued to build amazing teams. I’ve helped create a new way to optimize systems. I’ve helped design and build extraordinary software. I’ve helped fix mission-critical systems at dozens of companies whose names you know. I have written four books. And I’ve continued to teach.

The core skills that I have learned in over three decades of being a professional—skills like inventing, refining, optimizing, writing, teaching, networking, attracting talent, and leading—they’re skills you can learn.

And I can help you learn them.