Awesome App of the Day: Schlage Warranty Service

A few weeks ago, the door to our back yard stopped closing. When we’d swing it shut, the latch bolt wouldn’t do its spring-loaded retraction thing. It would hit the strike plate, not retract, and the door would bounce open defiantly. We could still close the door by turning the knob, but we’re not conditioned to have to close the door that way. I was worried that one of us was going to accidentally bounce our whole door frame right out of its house hole.

I knew Schlage had a lifetime warranty, so I called them. This is the kind of call that I normally dread, but actually it ended up being a really nice experience. Here’s how it went:

  1. I called Schlage Customer Service on my iPhone.
  2. A synthetic voice application answered and confirmed my phone number.
  3. It texted me a URL to click.
  4. The click opened a web page that led me through the process of taking of three photos: exterior knob, interior knob, latch bolt. The phone voice kept in sync with my progress in the web page, acknowledging each photo as I uploaded it. The synchronization there was really nice.
  5. When I finished uploading the three photos, their web app texted me a case number, and the voice on the phone told me it would connect me with a service representative, which it did.
  6. A man greeted me. He apologized for the trouble I’d been having and listened to my story.
  7. The photos I had uploaded told him everything he needed to know about which parts I needed.
  8. He took my address, told me what parts he’d be shipping, and described briefly how to install everything when it arrived.
  9. The parts arrived on schedule. I installed them, and everything’s great.

Every step, it felt like their process was using the right tool for the job. The progression from synthetic voice, to web page, to camera, and to human, …it just made sense. It was a seamless multi-technology support experience. You don’t see that as often as you’d like. Schlage nailed it.





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  1. Martin Haltmayer Avatar
    Martin Haltmayer

    I want this for Oracle support!

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