Month: February 2024

  • Compound Interest

    Compound Interest

    This article is inspired by a confluence of events, some of which happened. First, I don’t think Einstein ever said this quote that follows. However, someone said he did, and I derived inspiration from it nevertheless: The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest. —Albert Einstein (only not really) He did actually say…

  • Awesome App of the Day: Schlage Warranty Service

    Awesome App of the Day: Schlage Warranty Service

    A few weeks ago, the door to our back yard stopped closing. When we’d swing it shut, the latch bolt wouldn’t do its spring-loaded retraction thing. It would hit the strike plate, not retract, and the door would bounce open defiantly. We could still close the door by turning the knob, but we’re not conditioned…

  • On Perfectionism

    On Perfectionism

    Once I asked one of my employees, an outstanding software developer named Dave, an interview question: “If I were to call your most recent manager, what would he identify as a fault in your work that I should look out for?” He smiled. I could tell the answer came to him immediately, but he took…