1:8 scale replica of a Pratt & Whitney R-1340 Wasp aircraft engine

My “Museum-Quality Aviation Replicas” Hobby

I started building plastic model airplanes when I was five years old. The first model I ever built was a little Ju-88 or something like it, that my Mom bought for me at the Foss Drug store in Golden, Colorado.

I can remember cutting the parts off the sprues, probably with fingernail clippers, and glueing them together with Elmer’s School Glue—the white stuff. It was the only glue we had.

It didn’t work. After the glue had dried overnight, I found a blob that needed to come off. When I picked that little blob off with my fingernails, all the glue on the model just zippered off like one long continuous airplane-shaped gasket.

We went back to the store that day for a tube of model airplane glue suitable for glueing polystyrene together. She and my Dad taught me to be very careful and to do everything in my power to keep from smelling it too much. I complied.

I built models through grade school and high school. I put the hobby away through college, which for me lasted 7 years. But when I finally settled down into my own house, I got my model-building stuff from my parents’ attic and resumed building.

I’ve taken it pretty seriously. This past August, after winning gold medals at various regional shows, a little 1:8 scale aircraft engine I made won first place for both its category and its class in the national convention for modelers like me. This best-in-class designation was one of only eight such awards among a field of over 3,000 entries.

My little engine model is now officially a “museum-quality aviation replica.”

For a few years, I’ve had a PDF with lots of pictures and descriptions of the project over at my method-r.com web site, but really it belongs here on my personal site. So, please have a look at my 1:8 scale replica of the Pratt & Whitney R-1340 Wasp aircraft engine. I hope it makes your mouth drop open.





2 responses to “My “Museum-Quality Aviation Replicas” Hobby”

  1. Raymond Avatar

    When I was young I had many models from a company called Airfix and Revell. I was into airplanes (WWII) and sail ships like the Cutty Sark and HMS Victory. But the best I got was air-brushing.
    Well, what to say but that is beyond amazing. Not surprised about the level of detail. See method R.
    Is there something you are not good at 😉 . Please don’t say cooking.

    1. Cary Millsap Avatar

      You’re very kind. Thank you.

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