Month: November 2023

  • Four Great Reasons to Go to a Conference

    Four Great Reasons to Go to a Conference

    I think when most people try to justify going to a conference to their bosses, they usually hit on two justifications: the content, and the networking. Recently, I saw a quote from the first person ever to build a nuclear reactor: Never underestimate the joy people derive from hearing something they already know. —Enrico Fermi…

  • The Hulk Thing

    The Hulk Thing

    Yesterday, I watched my daughter’s high school volleyball team win round three of their Texas class 6A state tournament. They played as well as I’ve ever seen them play. One girl in particular, our 6’3″ middle blocker, had an especially good match. There are lots of expressions for describing what I saw: she was playing out…

  • “Fill the Glass”

    “Fill the Glass”

    It’s the hallmark test for optimism, this question, “Is the glass half empty? Or half full?” Supposedly, if you answer “half empty,” then you need to stop being such a grump and practice more gratitude. And if you answer “half full,” then you’re a can-do optimist and an inspiration to us all. But a snapshot…