Millsap’s Fable: the Globe-Maker

Here’s a fable.

A fine and renowned globe-maker one day visits the seashore. As he contemplates the ceaseless motion of the sea, a horror overcomes him.

He realizes that the totality of his stock and trade—to build models of the Earth—is impossible, because the Earth is eternally, ceaselessly changing.

Remorse overcomes him. He stops making globes altogether.

So ashamed is he now of the globes he’s made, he spends his life’s savings buying back the globes that he’s sold.

He devotes the remainder of his life proving that globes cannot be good because they are imperfect.

The moral of the story is…






2 responses to “Millsap’s Fable: the Globe-Maker”

  1. Jeremy Schneider Avatar

    Is this a “subtweet” about an interaction you had this week? 😂

    That said… buybacks aren’t needed but sadly the market for books about COBOL really isn’t what it used to be…

  2. Winston Avatar

    “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.” The globe-maker failed to see that even an imperfect globe can be useful and educational. He let his quest for absolute accuracy destroy his livelihood and passion.

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