Month: May 2016

  • Messed-Up App of the Day: Tables of Numbers

    Messed-Up App of the Day: Tables of Numbers

    [ This post was edited 2023-10-05. ] Quick, which database is the biggest space consumer on this system? Database Total Size Total Storage ——————– ————— ————— SAD99PS 635.53 GB 1.24 TB ANGLL 9.15 TB 18.3 TB FRI_W1 2.14 TB 4.29 TB DEMO 6.62 TB 13.24 TB H111D16 7.81 TB 15.63 TB HAANT 1.1 TB 2.2…

  • Fail Fast

    Fail Fast

    Among movements like Agile, Lean Startup, and Design Thinking these days, you hear the term fail fast. The principle of failing fast is vital to efficiency, but I’ve seen project managers and business partners be offended or even agitated by the term fail fast. I’ve seen it come out like, “Why the hell would I want to fail fast?! I don’t want to fail at…