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  • The Sally–Anne Skill

    The Sally–Anne Skill

    The Sally–Anne test is a test that helps psychologists gauge a subject’s social cognitive development. Here’s the test: This is Sally. Sally has a basket. This is Anne. Anne has a box. Sally has a marble. She puts the marble into her basket. Sally goes out for a walk. Anne takes the marble out of… See more ›

  • The Dog Collar Incident

    The Dog Collar Incident

    My family moved to an 80-acre farm when I was about 7 years old. My parents raised catfish as a side gig. Living on a fish farm gave me an opportunity to become a bounty hunter. My Dad paid me 25¢ for every cottonmouth water moccasin I killed. Cottonmouths are big black snakes that eat just… See more ›

  • A Cure for Writer’s Block

    A Cure for Writer’s Block

    Ever get stuck writing a technical report or a presentation about a project? I’ve got a process that can help. It’s not the only way, but it’s my way. I’ll list, then elucidate. Here’s the list: And now the elucidating: See more ›

  • On Being Stuck, Part 3

    On Being Stuck, Part 3

    Ever have to clean up a “junk room”? One of these rooms that has disorganized itself out of control, and it needs fixing? I’m not naturally very good at junk-room–style problems. I love to fix things, but sometimes I feel overwhelmed by projects that have, let’s call it, “too many variables.” I can get stuck… See more ›